WHOLESOME & FRESH Another way of cooking Healthy home-cooked meals for busy people on Sydney’s
Northern Beaches.

Personal home cook

BHSc Nut Med, Adv.Dip. NutMed

Nutritionist and personal home cook Jessie Stevenson helps busy people on the Northern Beaches save time and eat better food. She specialises in creating and preparing delicious meals tailored for each client in the comfort of their own home.






Jess is an amazing practitioner and so passionate about what she does. I’ve sought advice from her many times over the years for diet, recipes, skin issues and gut health. She is very knowledgeable, and always thorough in her consultations so I have walked away with a plan that is tailored to exactly what I need. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!
Alanna Polden
Jess has always had a way of mixing her vast knowledge of nutrition and her love for cooking to create delicious and healthy food for friends and loved ones. She is always keen to go the extra mile to provide and educate those around her on how to nourish their bodies and get the most out of the nutrients in foods. She is definitely the woman you want preparing food for you if you’re time poor but still want to enjoy delicious, nutritious food, made with a heap of love.
Lauren Beness
Thank you Jess for guiding me with the nutritional help that I needed over the past few years. Your nutrition plans are easy and sustainable, you have listened to my wants and needs and set up a plan accordingly. I also love following Jess on Instagram with all the wonderful meals and ideas that get posted.
Kim Graham
I have known Jess for many years now. She has always been amazing in giving nutritional advice and specializing in making delicious, nutritious recipes.
Bec Kotsornithis
I would highly recommend Jess, she is a passionate nutritionist with a fundamental holistic approach to food and nutrition. Her creative recipes help keep me engaged and her support keeps me motivated.
Katie Doolan
Jessie is a knowledgeable and friendly nutritionist. She has given me advice on things like parasites and anxiety and even probiotics and natural medicines for my young kids. I wouldn’t hesitate to ever ask her for advice and am always confident in her answers.
Shu Xin Behr