Jessie Stevenson

Nutritionist & Personal Home Cook
BHSc Nut Med, Adv.Dip. NutMed

Jessie Stevenson is a qualified nutritionist born and living on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney. It was while living by the beach and enjoying a healthy and active lifestyle that Jessie discovered her immense passion for food and nutrition.

After graduating with a Bachelor in Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) and an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine, Jessie realised many people didn’t have the time or knowledge to consistently create time-saving, healthy family meals. This experience, coupled with Jessie’s desire to help people and families eat and live well, inspired the vision for The Nourishing Point. 

The Nourishing Point welcomes people of all ages and circumstances. We thrive on providing our clients with the nutritional knowledge to eat well and live a healthier and happier life. Why not join Jessie at her next grocery shop and start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle?

Jessie has a genuine interest and passion for healthy weight loss, sports nutrition, digestive problems/disorders, sleep disorders, pre/post natal, detoxification, sugar cravings and food intolerance or to just help people better their lifestyle.

Jessie provides nutritional consultations and also provides customised eating plans and programs to benefit each and every client, please contact to book an consultation.