Improve your cooking knowledge and increase your love of food.

We prepare fresh home-cooked meals in your kitchen. We discuss your preferences, likes, dislikes and dietary needs. We then agree an individual menu that’s perfect for you and your family. We do all the shopping, cooking and clearing up!

Our home cooking service is perfect for people who have busy lives and no time to cook. It is great for professional couples, busy families, new mums, fussy eaters, treat illnesses, allergies and intolerances or for people who want to lose weight, be healthy.

Here’s how our home cooking service works.

  • We start with a consultation to understand your likes/dislikes
  • We design a menu that’s suitable for you and your needs
  • We agree the best day to come and cook for you
  • We use your groceries or we do all the shopping
  • We cook you delicious meals to store in your fridge and freezer
  • We do all the clearing up

We encourage you to provide your own glass dishes such as Pyrex and containers for the meals. Most supermarkets and cooking outlets stock Pyrex or other suitable containers.

Pyrex is a great for keeping food in the fridge and freezer because it is free of nasty substances which plastic can contain. We can supply containers at an additional cost.

When creating your individual menu, we consider organic and free range meats (hormone free and chemical free) grass pastured meats, sustainable and seasonal fish, dairy and egg, seasonal and local fruit and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds, wholesome sweeteners, good quality fats like organic ghee, coconut oil and cold pressed olive oil. Everything is tailored to your needs!